The Empty Spaces Are Not Empty

Light Worker

You may have heard me mention my screened in porch where I have early coffee nearly every morning of the week. I like to be the only person up; meditating with no distractions. Last week, I was well into the process of emptying my mind, when I began to be conscious of the positive spaces before me. The trees and bushes……the flowers, lawn furniture……the teal blue shed which sits patiently, and the little stone patio my nephew Josh laid years ago. All these positive images hold memories and emotions. Every thing else in my view was a negative space. The air……colorless…..empty of object has never captured my attention in quite this way. I saw (with my imagination) flashes of light in that negative space. Then more light flashes. Colors… I became aware of this thought. The empty spaces were not empty. They were host to any number of light, tinted, ethereal creatures. The spaces held angels and muses who were playing, rejoicing really, all around and through the solids. It made me think how mysterious and lovely life is on this planet. These creatures were here to play, be creative and be involved with us in any way they possibly can be. Good manners dictate their behavior toward us. They help only when invited. They inspire when this is what we seek. Our lives would hold so much less beauty without them. This has become one of those guiding roses which lead and encourage me farther in and farther up. Forever this.

Peace, Dorsey

Captured by Truth

Walking Each Other Home – 40×40/acrylic on board – in previous blogs and now completed, we have featured the progress on this painting. This is the first painting in a new series inspired by the Ram Dass quote “We’re all just walking each other home”. 

Walking Each Other Home“Let us become wounded healers, helping each other to share the truth of our inner being”. (Barbara Ann Brennan from her book Light Emerging)

Something is happening.  New alliances are forming around us.  Relationships are being born with new purpose.  Friendships, Love, Mentors…are all rallying to the call of ‘walking each other home.’ We have all found ourselves in survival mode.  This is not a competition.  We all have times of need, and of abundance.  We live from our abundance. As I am drawn to a person, this mutual sharing is what I look for. Whoever crosses my path is there for a reason.  Usually to teach me or learn from me, or to help me in some other way..  Some times these bridges are strong enough to carry a great deal of weight.  Sometimes they are designed for learning, for conversation, for artistic light.  Some of us are light bearers, listening for the next conversation or the next act of kindness to direct us.  We watch for our muse to clarify where the next clue is.  Where the next painting, poem or song will be found.

There are rules – more like principles…to guide us.  We keep in mind the clear admonition to maintain a positive approach; to bring our minds into the captivity of Truth.  This painting we create of our lives, is designed for light and for love.  It is an adventure…for sure.



A Tribe Called Community

walking each other home 5
Walking Each Other Home (Stage 4) – 40×40/oil on board – in this and previous blogs, we are featuring the progress on this painting – a first in a new series Dorsey is beginning inspired by the Ram Dass quote “We’re all just walking each other home”. 
A friend recently said:  “You are as tough as nails!  Every morning when you wake up, be happy!  It’s a day closer to coming back home.”
All our moments are precious.  We can either thankfully flow through them, draw from them every ounce of joy…or go to sleep and miss the whole panorama.  How sad, when this happens!!
While we are working at getting it all together, let’s encourage where we can.  Let’s live as if we are truly part of a community…a tribe.  It is time we give ourselves to building a new way to live.  Let us become a community of people who have dropped their ego-driven goals.  Let’s be people who actually do love, care for others and listen well.

The Same Family

walking each other home 4

Walking Each Other Home (Stage 3) – 40×40/acrylic on board – in previous and upcoming blogs, we are featuring the progress on this painting. This is the first in a new series Dorsey is beginning inspired by the Ram Dass quote “We’re all just walking each other home”. 

The mass migration out of Syria is all over the news here in Scotland.  Europe is being taxed to find room for thousands of souls searching for refuge.  I have been thinking of them all as well.  It is hard to imagine having to leave your home, not knowing where to go, or how to get there.  Most have walked or taken dangerous, life-threatening voyages; risking their lives to find sanctuary.  And we are all the same family…the family of man.  It is evident to me that our most pressing need is to find the love, the compassion and the empathy to walk awhile along side these people.  Our hearts need to be open to the reality that we all can give a little toward walking these people home.  It can enrich our own lives and the lives of one another to find this well in our own hearts.  We are all, in reality, moving along at different paces to our own “farther in and farther up”.  Our lives will be better for it.  Better for learning the joy of walking each other home.

Peace, Dorsey​

Beautiful Souls

walking each other home 3

Walking Each Other Home (Stage 2) – 40×40/acrylic on board – in upcoming blogs, we will feature the progress on this painting. This is the first in a new series Dorsey is beginning inspired by the Ram Dass quote “We’re all just walking each other home”. 

This morning we gathered around our castle table, which lives in our castle kitchen. Our conversation was nourishing, filled with collaborative wisdom, inspiration, tears, epiphanies and joy!! I thought of you. I love your wisdom, your methodical determination. How beautiful your soul has become…

The Fellowship of True

walking each other home 1Walking Each Other Home (Stage 1) –  40×40/acrylic on board – in upcoming blogs, we will feature the progress on this painting. This is the first in a new series Dorsey is beginning inspired by the Ram Dass quote “We’re all just walking each other home”. 

“There is a new way of thinking available to us.  We don’t have to focus on ourselves.  We can manage thought with a new kind of discipline.  We can begin the process of turning away from the negative to embrace the positive.  This is actually a very old concept…“thinking on whatsoever is good and pure and lovely and of good report”.  How much of our time is spent on a negative thought?  Is there a way to gain access to more positive discipline?  Wayne Dyer, Pema Chodron, and Eckhart Tolle are a few who offer insight.  After my marriage of 39 years failed a few years ago, I began the reconstruction process of eliminating negative thought patterns. It has been massive.  I began to see how much of my thoughts were actually pointing me in a direction which my best self did not want to go.  I have now renewed my intention of heart to love as I go along, to laugh more, and to give all the encouragement I can give.  These thoughts, when applied sincerely, and without a great deal of fanfare,  have power to bring more light and life into our moments.  What could be any better than this?  Without this, we risk missing the mark entirely.  Without the intention to LOVE, every road eventually takes us back to serving ourselves.  I am in search of True.  He has now become my passion.  I am approaching this quest with a great storehouse of humor.  Nothing is worth doing without it being laced with fun and with laughter.  So, my life is filled now with more laughter.  This is quite an adventure.  I speak the language of fantasy.  Allegory, mythology, and story enrich my life. That is the language I speak. It holds truth in its arms, gains easy access to my heart,  and supplies me with as much adventure as I want. I am a girl who grew up on the South Dakota prairie. My life was filled with story and imagination as early as my memory began gathering thoughts.  I have crossed paths with others who have this same trajectory.  We are seeing a fellowship of adventurers forming around us.  We are on an epic journey in search of True.”

Peace, Dorsey

A Spiritual Endeavor…ART!

q-35 at home in your heart 10x21GIVEN A CHOICE – 10×21/acrylic on board

Art at its best, is a spiritual endeavor……truly.  It draws us into another world.  .  It is a seed we have inside us.  We don’t plant it, we care for it with tenderness and hard work.    It becomes our life’s focus to nourish it, give it whatever tools it needs to grow.  But, our creativity is ours already.  In my own experience, in the temperament I have, academics have rarely been nourishing.  I am for the most part self-taught.  This means I do better at learning if I see “why” something works.   I parallel this sometimes, with my own experience of incorporating Jesus into my spiritual walk.  I didn’t need seminary to grow in this life.  I needed to follow Love’s guidance and to allow my spirit its own growth.  It is not a stretch for me to see this much the same as following the creative spirit in me.  We observe and learn how to be an artist by following our own artistic leading.  I have found that as I listen to its voice, I am drawn to all the tools I need to assist in growth.  Great art is authentic art.  We hear its voice and we follow it.  True Spirituality is Real.  It works with our flaws as well as our strengths.  The definition of True in my vocabulary now includes “transparency”.  We are honest in ways we only imagined having the freedom for.  It begins with a mustard seed.  It then grows into a limitless seed-bearing tree. What a joy to plant seeds into another for expanding their own life of creativity!  True spirituality begins in our hearts.  It is nourished in our souls.  It can only be received from the Master artist.  When art and spirit join hands, they are given the ability to do authentic art as well as be an authentic person.


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